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MNR Point System |

MNR Points Tutorials

The MNR Point is the reward system for carrying out certain activities in the platform. The MNR Point System gives you points based on your participation on the platform. Points earned can be converted to cash and paid directly to your bank account.

We have curated a list of activities to guide you and help you earn points that can be redeemed for cash or airtime. Click on each activity to find out more information about the activity.

Your Next Steps

You get 100 pts for the first picture you post
You get 10 pts for the first 20 friends you make on MNR

You get between 5 to 100 pts when you vote in an MNR poll.
The exact point is determined by the time between when the poll was posted and when you voted. To get the 100 pts, you must vote on the poll at least 2 hours from when the poll was posted.
You can get notifications when polls are posted when you download and install the MNR app currently available for only android mobile devices.

You get 750 pts for each friend you invite to MNR.
You will be credited with your points the first time your friend redeems their points for cash (not airtime).

When you share a post on other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you get 50 – 100 points for each unique visitor that clicks your shared link, you will also get additional referral points (750 - 2,750 points) for each person that creates an account on MNR through your shared post.

You can get up to 10,000 pts (appx. 2,500 naira) per post if it gos viral/trends.
A post (picture, video or question) is considered trending based on how many authenticated users react/engage with it – simply put the more engagement, the more points you get per post, so be creative!

10 winners are picked for each challenge.
Always keep an eye out for the MNR challenges posted on Sundays or Mondays.
Get real-time notifications when MNR challenges are posted by using the MNR app.

Points are awarded to the top 10 Ten users each month.
The top 3 user gets 3,000 pts each and 4th to 10th users gets 1,000 pts each.
The Top 10 Monthly User award is determined by how active each MNR user has been each month.

MNR elite challenge is for subscribers who participated and won the MNR weekly challenge as well as users who are ranked as top 10 monthly users. This is to give our top subscribers another opportunity to earn more while using the platform.


Contestants simply copy their voting link and share with friends and family to vote - voters do not need to be MNR users. The contestant with the highest votes at the end of the challenge wins the grand prize of 35,000 MNR Points (₦10,000). The first and second runner-ups also get consolation prizes. Terms and conditions apply.


You have to participate in the MNR weekly challenge or be one of the top 10 monthly users to qualify automatically or as a buy-in user.

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