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They sells the best phone in ilorin and I can recommend them for anybody, they've got quality service and knows how to treat customers well....shout out to sky concept and communication

They have been good in there supply and homeservice office are neat and this bring healthy all about there business

Liberty Paints

  a month ago

Liberty paint is so good, high quality and am definitely recommding this product cause have use it several times and I can tell it is the best


  a month ago

A.G.A is a modern tailoring service sow clothes in different sytle and are trying keep their promise whenever they make it

Al fur'qan academy is a very high and essentially school it's activities is only to teach,it also teach children moral, respect, manner.and it is a 2 in 1 school meaning English an Arabic school

This is nice and lovely carpentry at aiys furniture their service is so reliable and they make good and durable product

Iphone xmas has great memory and also the Oled display ensures the best quality display

It's my first Android I use,it was cool and have a strong battery,I bought it as the rate of 31500 in 2016 and I sold it back in 2017 at the rate of 27000 because of the quality,duration on how long it last so the person is still using it upto date..

Infinix S2 is a good product,I bought mine since 2014 and is still working, very strong and comfortable,I also discuss it then we two friends of mine and got it so they confirmed how good and quality it was

I like this product. <br>Although the battery mAh is not much but is still normal

Very overpriced phone for the functionality. Very delicate screen. Its still a good looking phone if durability and value is not your immediate concern<br>I Soo much love gat so many functions that many phones doesn't have

very good phone,but need more improve in battery


  11 days ago

It was a nice movie the girl was courageous she disguise her self as a boy in other to help father from not going, the Prince was happy with her strength the won


  12 days ago

Mulan is very nice I like the courage in the girl even though she was female but she was the best among all other soldiers and she brought honour to her family


  12 days ago

One of Marvel's best character and movie. A science genius turn Superhero due to a lab mishap. The best way to awaken the green monster is to push him to anger.

One of d best movie I have ever watched,so funny and the movie quality is high the best part I liked is the ending when everyone came together to support sonic, interesting movie I love it


  13 days ago

I love the songs, easy to flow with. Will Smith and his comic ambience... Make way for Prince Ali!!!

Before watching this movie... I'm like " who's Kong to stand up to Godzilla"....!!! I love King Kong, but the odds of him beating Godzilla were low. To ever think Kong could speak human language.... That got me. Bravo!!!!!