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The first day i bought their fabric since that day nobody told me to come top quality of material


  a month ago

Absolutely am new here, but with what I av seen here its good to go

To me Suntex Technologies are okay and good because in Nigeria we really are supposed to be developing so if companies like this can start to come up our knowledge of more inventions will be more and okay most especially perfect for all the citizens to use or have as their own

jumia nigeria

  a month ago

When it comes to online shopping, I prefer jumia.. they have never disappointed me or give me what I didn't order, they are good keep it up jumia

Longrich just like a network business you need to register 3 people under you when you are register to start earning and their products is nice

I think u guys care more about money and less about your customer and pls upgrade your technology not just debiting customers

I like this product cause it has really help me with a good music sound in my room in the absence of electricity, the product uses battery, and its chargeable, it has a long lasting batteries with a very quality loud speaker, its really a help to me when I was rehearsing for my dance video.

This product is one the best product I ever used before , good camera level, good sound level, it does not slow in terms of use, its temperature is normal in terms of use and very fast internet without delay, I just love it and would love to get myself another one in any giving opportunity.

It is a phone any one will like to have classic and durable also it battery lasts longer o

I love the product.<br>The camera is nice, beautiful interface,strong battery and good for the price, wish the ram was bigger though.

Samsung Galaxy A20 , pictures are ok.<br>Blue tooth connection with Car is terrible , the technical support is great.i enjoy all the pictures taken with the phone, very clear and clean. The audio out put is equally wonderful to be flank

itel A32F

  10 days ago

It has everything a basic Android device should have, so I would say the price is right for the product, the storage is limited though but overall it's pretty worth it's price and the battery life is good too.


  9 days ago

This movie is funny asfffff... favourite scene was where he was removing the charger and putting it back and Jexi and was moaning

Will smith and Martin Lawrence together is always fire.... the other parts are really good... I think this tops it off perfectly. I could never have guessed in a thousand years that the bad guy was his son.... wow

Birds Of Prey

  9 days ago

I think the storyline behind the movie is great, you know women coming together to fight but other than that, the movie is trash.. the fight scenes are boring, the acting is poor but the movie is funny. But I think Harley Quinn is a badass and should be portrayed better


  9 days ago

Great movie.... I think they could have done better but I feel like there would be a second part... The part where the nano bots heal him are always very cool and the best part of the movie was the elevator fight scene

Honest Thief

  9 days ago

Brilliant movie.... he was just trying to do right but the feds got greedy and tried to kill him ... I don’t like that the other officer had to die because he felt guilty and was going to come clean. I love the movie tho


  9 days ago

If you are not patient with the movie , you’d probably never understand it...... beautiful movie.... the fight scenes were superb... I loved the reverse fight scenes so much.... I played the movie in reverse on my system and it still makes sense... I’d definitely recommend to people AY day anytime