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The first day i bought their fabric since that day nobody told me to come top quality of material


  11 days ago

Absolutely am new here, but with what I av seen here its good to go

To me Suntex Technologies are okay and good because in Nigeria we really are supposed to be developing so if companies like this can start to come up our knowledge of more inventions will be more and okay most especially perfect for all the citizens to use or have as their own

jumia nigeria

  16 days ago

When it comes to online shopping, I prefer jumia.. they have never disappointed me or give me what I didn't order, they are good keep it up jumia

Longrich just like a network business you need to register 3 people under you when you are register to start earning and their products is nice

I think u guys care more about money and less about your customer and pls upgrade your technology not just debiting customers

This product is very good but there battery capacity need to be improve

I love tecno products so much that I choose it over Infinix but the Cannon series has a low battery capacity for the features on it, aside that the phone is lovely😍

The quality is excellent <br>The value is also excellent<br>The durability is good<br>I will recommend it definitely

The camera is clear, the battery duration is long lasting and it's strong.

This product is good.enough storage🔥and even a sentified camera..I recommend this product to y'all thou it's expensive over here in Nigeria but it's totally worth it

This device is one of a kind,I used the phone once but I had to get a better one ,the phone isn't compatible to download some app and files,it has a low android version which makes it slower,well the camera is good enough,the battery lasts for about 20 hrs straight,I can probably refer anyone to get the product

Wow! I love this movie, I love the come back of every actions and new powers of wonder woman


  1 day ago

Soul is a very motivational movie! trying to bring out the best in you....knowing your passion in life is very the movie

I love this movie so much, I watched it over and over for a week! Love the adventure ride SpongeBob and Patrick went through just to get Gary, I learnt something nice anyway, to have a friend who will always be there for you even when it's not convenient for them, they will always be much love for Patrick oooo


  2 days ago

It's a nice movie...great animation, I learnt alot from it and it was funny as well😊

Trust me this movie is lit, She looks good in the golden amour. I thought she lost her powers thou when that start asking for wishes


  2 days ago

I love this movie, I thought all of them will die in the ship from the stuff that was killing them. And like when the captain daughter and her boyfriend time jumped into the anther future