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About Us |

About Us

What is MyNaijaReviews?

MyNaijaReviews helps you find the best available businesses in your area by ranking businesses based on thousands of unbiased reports and reviews given by customers. Customers share their experiences with each other so that you can choose the business that's right for your job the first time around.

Why would I use MyNaijaReviews when I can just ask my neighbors for recommendations?

Unlike receiving recommendations from your neighbor which could be biased, MyNaijaReviews gives you access to hundreds and thousands of unbiased experiences and reviews from customers with thousands of businesses - something your neighbors can't.

Can a business pay to change their rank on

Absolutely NO! Businesses are ranked based on the overall rating of the business and the total number of reviews made about that business. So you can always be sure to receive authentic evaluations of businesses.

Will MyNaijaReviews.comedit the reviews I post?

 In a bid to keep the authenticity of this website, MyNaijaReviews.comdoes not edit reviews posted by our members. However the use of inappropriate words would get the post deleted and possibly deactivate that member’s account.

Does remove negative reviews?

No! There are only three reasons we would ever take down any report: 1. We find out the report was fraudulently posted 2. The member who posted the report chooses to remove it. 3. Review had inappropriate words

How do I get in touch with someone at

We can be contacted by e-mail, phone. See our contact information here.

Do you have to be a member to submit reports on

Yes. In order to have credible and authentic reviews, we do not encourage anonymous users to write reviews hence you must be logged in and authenticated to write reviews. This helps business to know that whatever reviews they receive is authentic and real.