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100% | 22 reviews
ErennyBeads is a subsidiary of ErennyVentures. We make beautiful beads that adds value and class to your personalty.
100% | 18 reviews
Consulting, General Merchant
96% | 32 reviews
We are a major dealers of BULK SMS to individuals and companies..We are committed in speeding the process of world Globalization to a village when it ...
94% | 18 reviews
IT Training, Graphics Design and Printing
97% | 47 reviews
WPSL Deals with the services of both domestic and industrial cleaning,fumigation,landscaping and painting of houses also includes renovation of ...

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71% | 7 reviews
Our services include: Cake, Outdoor catering Services, Graphic Design, Computer sales and Repairs. Cinematography, Event coverage, Film Editor.
0% | 0 reviews
Sales of all kinds of music cds
100% | 4 reviews
Hair beauty salon is part of my business and I do love my job and I got many customers.
100% | 3 reviews
100% | 3 reviews
Repairing and maintenance of computers Sales of computers and accessories