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  18 days ago

Their price is accurate and the customer service is wonderful great. I will advice they keep it up

It wow! me when I came across fortunate photography here, I mean it a nice and cool studio, have not use it before but few of my friends has use it and it perfect honestly

Plumbing material is durable,not prone to wear and tear.i use their services always since they tend to be the only ones to do things to my taste.<br>But i would appreciate if they reduce the cost of their services

donny electronics is the best when it comes to quality, durability. there gadgets are not fake i highly recommend it to others.


  24 days ago

MNR is such a great platform and reliable and also is the No.1 online best paying platform.

I have performed a transaction with them. The service rendered is second to none. A trial will convince you.

The iPhone XS Max is something special. This is the first time Apple has really pushed its screen size boundaries, and by offering a huge 6.5-inch display it's made its smartphone line attractive to a new segment of potential customers

I have never used it before so I don't think I can recommend it for someone. For it maybe persuasive advertisement

Gionee P7

  11 days ago

this phone is wonderful made,everything in high quality.The Best Camera ever used,and just a click -direct to Internet.The battery is averagely ok but a slight upgrade will serve it better.Good phone their.

. The camera quality is not so great but the phone is durable and the screen didn't break easil<br><br>By

One of the best phone have used the camera is sharp and long battery life

samsung is the best electronic producing company here in Nigeria and their products are always the best,this tv gives you a mega view of the action displayed on the screen and it's wide enough for all to be able to have a good view.


  7 days ago

What I love about this movie is how Aladdin applied wisdom in using the three wishes. It taught me how to make wise choices and relevant decision.

This movie is really interesting. It is about a girl who went to find the last living dragon to save the world from some mystical creatures that turns people into stones. And also this move has really good graphic and it is animated well.

Mortal Kombat

  8 days ago

This move is one of the most interesting movie in 2021. It is about Hanzo (Scorpion) who came back to life to have his revenge on Bihan (Sub-zero) who killed him.


  9 days ago

it is the typical Genie, having 3 wishes and making the right choices. A good movie where the good wins evil

This movie is a great movie but it is just that it is a bit clumsy


  9 days ago

Wow I so much love this movie and would 100% recommend it to everyone to watch.will smith as The Genie made it even more interesting and fun to watch, one good massage to learn from it is to always be yourself to get what you want don’t pretend to be someone else