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First Bank is a good bank but they should try to work on their Network so that it doesn't give problem most times.

GTB is my bank today, tomorrow and forever. Since I got account with GTB, there have been no stress at all. They send alert sharply ones a transaction is made they don't waste time at all. They don't withdraw your money unnecessarily just like some other Banks do. Their services is commendable. I would rate them a 100%


  4 days ago

Zenith Bank is a good bank to have an account with. With zenith bank, you can create and enjoy a zero account or other account and you won't have course to regret it. Their service is very reliable and their workers are smart in their jobs.

I love music so when I see a good producer I recognize them. Cynosure music institute is a good place for music lovers like me

Okay, first of all the least package is not 1500, it's 5000. That said, RAGP is a legit and profitable platform! You get profit when you sell recharge cards and also when you refer other people. It's worth the investment.

Customer friendly with smiling faces, here you are sure to get value for your money. Will definitely come again because i got value for my money and really like my Ankara.

The ram is just too low

Nokia X5

  1 day ago

Nice device, features are as inscribed, and an amazing battery life.<br>Just have to love having this fone

TECNO CAMON X PRO , DUAL SIM ( 64GB ROM / 4GB RAM ) is very good in it's user Interface,&amp; awesome features but the features tend to consume battery alot

Samsung Galaxy A20 is an amazing phone, I say it's amazing because I am writing my review from this very smart phone. <br>Handle you device nicely, the parts are quite expensive

Battery capacity is okay<br>Screen size good<br>Camera is good at first but depreciates as the phone gets older<br>It hangs at times when using the phone

The phone is a really nice phone <br>The camera quality and the space<br>But it's very costly ...but it's fair for the phone

Call of the wild is an excellent Movie, it clearly depict human and his closal pet friendship and a bond that they create that can't be erased. I can watch over and over again. If You have not watched this movie, youou need to


  1 day ago

Blade was one of the very first vampire action movie I saw, and a very good storyline of day Walker...


  1 day ago

I have seen this movie like over five times but it never gets boring.. I fell in Love with the character Blade. He felt so betrayed seeing his mum alive. Blade proved in that movie that you can actually follow a different part. That what you are doesn't definite you


  1 day ago

This movie is so sad and emotional. It's shows what women go through. The setting and characters chosen portrayed their roles well. Prostitution and women trafficking need to be stopped.


  1 day ago

This movie is superb 👌. I was enthralled couldn't keep my eyes off the screen when I saw it. Angelina jolie is a jem and it was refreshing , the action scenes were my favorite and I loved the twists to the story line. It wasn't just punches and kicks it had a nice background story. I can say it's one movie one can't get enough of.


  1 day ago

When it comes to being brave and loyal, BLADE is on the list. Right from childhood I don't like vampire movies . But after I saw the trailer, bro I didn't need a soccerer to tell why I should watch it. Blade is always minded and infact he know the rules.