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    1 day ago
I really like MNR. They have been the number one site that gets you rewarded for your time online. But recently, they contacted me saying they want to deduct my point for referring people that were not active on the site. Please how is that my fault? I still don't understand. If after deduction, those people end up browsing the site, will the points be restored? MNR why now?? But sincerely, I appreciate them for not just deducting the point without contacting me. They are indeed customer friendly.
    1 day ago
There maltina is indeed one of my best drink no doubt. The taste is perfect, odour is OK and the price isn't scary. I love maltina, I love Nigeria breweries.
    1 day ago
I open an account with access bank but wasn't able to run the account. I but what impresses me was that there customer service keep on calling me to know why I wasn't running the account till I finally went to the bank to activate the account. Even in the bank, the customer service were very friendly.
    1 day ago
Etisalat?? I only use Etisalat in areas they have good Internet connection. But for calling, I dare not. There call tariff is abnormally high and there network self is not stable
    5 days ago
I love this movie (can't say very much but it's a good movie). the introduction of Patience Ozokwor, turned out to be very good, the short cameo of Seyi Law and Chigurl was pretty good. Frank Donga killed it once again and I can clearly say it's a little bit more funny than the first part. However I think there were some continuity lapses and then why bring in Berverly Naya, when she literally had little or no effect in her role, plus how and why the hell is AY in Dubai ( I feel his role wasn't needed at all). Overall you will love the movie and should go see it when you can,


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