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Recent Reviews

    5 days ago
Long lasting battery more than 8 hours...currently what i'am using..good product and quality
    6 days ago
This is the phone i use presently, have never a day regret it. It charges fast💕,the camera is a blast, internal memory is excellent, it came with a pouch i love so much. Its an excellent phone, Kudos to Tecno on this.
    6 days ago
Samsung S8 is just too good, i fell in Love with the Camera and Internal memory. I can't Love it less
    8 days ago
Really beautiful movie, full of fantasies and adventures. I love scientific movies so it's a tumps up.
    11 days ago
The raggedity of the phone made me fall in love with during the days of my usage of the phone, it able to served me better due to the nature of my job and the phone require little maintenance compare to other sophisticated phone that required extral carefulness while using them.
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