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    5 days ago
Woah!!!!...did not see it coming. Yea the couple kept a creepy China doll that had similar features with their "dead" son... Expected it to be creepy.. And yes it was.. Never expected that the son was truly alive..and living in the walls of the house... A psychopath totally obsessed with her... Creepy!!!!!!
    9 days ago
I absolutely love this movie and the reason is this, the fact that the women disappointed a lot of people who thought they were dumb and the adventures the best friends had, I and my bestie are hoping to go on this type of adventure (maybe not this type sha).
The role the friends played in bringing out the bad guys just feels like they were originals, and who thought being a spy was this much fun? Well, only this two could have pulled it out the way they did.
I love the comedy infused in the serious storyline.
    10 days ago
The product is good... Battery last long....d only problem is that it overheats after 25mins of browsing
    11 days ago
Loved it...this should win the Nigerian Movie of the year...Kemi Adetigba never disapppoints though...but then it is all about the message of sticking together and knowing your enemies as you are successful, that is what i feel the movie is teaching us
    11 days ago
Good movie from Tyler Perry....almost similar to Acrimony...though i felt it became boring at some point in the movie....meanwhile Whoopi still got d flow in her
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