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    2 days ago
its a comedy, funny movie. its a movie for the family too, if u wanna spend time catching fun you should watch it. i like the part in the wedding most where he said "you maykiss the bride".
    2 days ago
action movie indeed, if u like conspiracy movies, not like the one they are trying toinvade US lol, you should watch this. friends kind of movie for fun, dough kids cant learn anything from it. i like the part when he says " i will have to start a war..... with everyone",
    2 days ago
superfly is a complete action packed movie, the name may mslead ur thinking but you should watch it. its about hustle, the game, the hood, the money. u wont learn much, but u will have alot of fun. i like the part where he says "we stick to the plan, and he replied what plan? we are black, men no where is safe"
    2 days ago
i like the part were she was shouting may-day on the radio for help. this movie is good for lovers, you may learn alot about sticking with ur partner and what it means to love. its a nice move with good script, watch it. its good for family too to watch
    2 days ago
i like the part in the office when she couldn't hide when the computer video was playing 'a man of your dream is just click away and she was clicking and confused' lol. its a commedy, around a book, its funny. the family can watch this movies, you should watch it.
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