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    9 days ago
Hi so I finally find a movie I've seen wow I need to watch more movies,what can I say about these one cos damn I really love it,let's talk about the play,a well written one I mean who would have imagined,I was so marveled when i heard the kid "leave my daddy alone".lol shocking truly the hate u give fucks ever body,if u haven't seen it then ur missing out on a life time movie experience,I love it and I could write so much about it but these has to end lol,well nice one.
    11 days ago
This is my phone presently and I am so much pleased with it. Its going to 2years now and NOTHING has happened to it. I love the BIG battery(4000mAh), screen resolution(5.5inches), 4G high speed network, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM. This phone is really good and reliable for business. Infinix is my best choice.
    11 days ago
This phone is durable and efficient with it's 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, 5.5inch screen resolution. It has big battery of 4000mAh and comes with Android 6 version which is upgradable. My wife enjoyed this phone for over a year until it was mistakenly fell into a bowl of an ice cream for like 5min before she noticed. It was too painful even though as it doesn't have fingerprint and also its a 3G network phone.
    12 days ago
I too not subscribed to the idealistic of wedding ceremony in a very lowkey which have no economic backup relegation but on religious basis believe.... The saddonic moment of it is that weddings ceremony is only auto-organized while the rest 2 major events (naming and burial) are bio-organized
    12 days ago
There was a perfect combination between the two, the president was also smart, this made them defeat the enemy and win back their country.
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