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    15 days ago
Avengers Endgame was everything i hoped for, the graphic was awesome, the story line was Great. The part i enjoyed the was when Black Panter returned with Doctor strange and the other. But my best of all was when Captain Marvel entered the atmosphere and distroyed Tanus Ship. It was awesome. But i cried when Iron Man and Black Widow Died. I didn't like that part.
    16 days ago
with about 5.7 rating; i like the part where she was telling the doctor "you dont know my son, his a fighter... just let God do the rest". good movie for parents on how to support their kids and have hope. for me the storyline is not so much, but its a good movie to watch especially upcoming moms
    16 days ago
this movie is funny and good to watch, try it. i like the part where he was telling him "why all this fake live..." even the part where pete edochie was stammering about him being a pilot. lol.
    16 days ago
avengers endgame is definitely a must watch now, been following spoiler since day 1. the involvement of ant-man and captain-marvel to save the universe, life makes it all interesting. i like the part ant-man was in the front door introducing him self, see the shock in captain america's eye lol, the movie is so sci-fi and cool that the family as one can watch and have fun.
    16 days ago
after is a romantic or romance genre, a movie for young ones and lovers alike, it can teach u a glimpse of the dramas that goes on in a relationship.... i like the part she was saying "life before him was simple but now its just after". the rating for me 5.6?! is fair, the screen play is okay, so watch it and have fun. mind you! not for kids though!
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