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    5 days ago
This film is all about a Political correctness and feminism have yet again destroyed a movie genre that I love. The Gangster/Mob Movie genre is now the victim of good intentions gone awry. This film is about three wives of Irish mobsters/crooks who embark upon their own criminal empire because of how society and their "family" have treated them. They take their future into their hands and become the neighborhood mafia in what is called "Hell's Kitchen" in New York.
    8 days ago
Action filled movie, Stallone showed he is still in the game and fit for action.
    8 days ago
Set Up is a Set Up! This is probably the best Nigerian film I have seen this year in the cinema! The writing, directing, acting was on point. The actors really drew us in their world and at every point we didn't know what was going to happen! Well done to everyone that was involved in making this movie, Kudos!
    11 days ago
It was an okay introdctive movie, i didnt like that it was kid-like alot, but its understandable. Hopefully in the sequel they have more understanding of their powers ... And the superman scene though 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ ..
    11 days ago
It very poor because in the end of the movie it seems like a child play. Especially when spiderman gave the Iron man tech to the enemy as those he doesn't want to be an avenger.
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