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    1 day ago
I used this phone for some time. The phone fell and the screen was badly damaged. Not durable. The battery was alright so also was the camera. Fingerprint was also sharp. I will give this phone a 50% rating. The price was affordable.
    1 day ago
Let's start with the good parts the battery is out of this world. The phone doesn't lag also. But the camera is nothing to write home about blurry selfies and back camera doesnt take sharp photos. Fair product for that price.
    1 day ago
What a movie this is... family drama at its peak.After the death of chief daddy.. pandemonium ensues...lots of stars as the cast of this movie gave it it's identity..All in all the movie is a must watch if you wanna experience drama and comedy all together in a movie...
    1 day ago
Animated...a new approach to the Spiderman series..This time around not the usual Spiderman you expect but a twist(a kid as Spiderman)and not failing at the job entrusted on him though.
    1 day ago
Yes this animated movie is very inspiring,very interesting,motivating,spirit lifting.I like the fact that Elliot the little wannabe reindeer didn't give up even amongst ones that are obviously not in the same class,category as him..Also his goat friend who stood by him through every hurdle he passed through... interesting movie
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