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    3 days ago
I couldn't stop laughing with the likes of Eniola Badmus. Apart from being a funny movie I think it has a lesson or two for every one out there, to be proud of what you can do to survive is dignity . Good casting too. Thumbs up for that concept.
    3 days ago
I love this piece, so much intelligence played out here. What makes it even a master piece is the casting and the aspect of comedy. Interesting movie.
    3 days ago
This movie gave me the chills. I'm not a fan of horror movies though but the casting is great and the story represents a lot of happenings around us these days. Good movie for horror movie lovers I can say.
    4 days ago
My best 2017 collection of romance best scene was the helicopter jet scene,when Noni blindfolded kaz the young innocent cop and took him in. The way he gave in to that wave of passion still makes me laugh tho. I replay those moments in my mind every now and then. Desperation of a mother, I understood that clearly but she went past the boundaries neglecting her daughter's happiness. Such educative movie. When I first stumbled on this movie on YouTube I was particularly uninterested. But then I continued watching and since that day I think I've watched the movie over 50times already.
    4 days ago
Oh my gosh.. Was my expression from the beginning to the end. First saw the movie with my boyfriend and I must confess we tried out some real stuffs in the movie. It was so cool all the way. The pain and pleasure the need for dominance the urge to touch christian even after he'd touch Anna soul every moment it took him to f**k her, not make love to her tho. His freaky exquisite and concern attitude just seem to make everything fall in place. My still no1 erotic and sensational movie goes to fifty shades of grey.
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