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    3 days ago
Attimes, we trend to shift focus on drug running being a man business, but this movie opens all the anthill of a woman in the drug business.

Great movie, learnt something new.
    3 days ago
Nothing is interesting about this movie, just overhyped.

Wacky storyline upon been stars studded.

I still prefer the previous ones to this.
    10 days ago
It's a very nice product got nice camera, durable battery for more juice,more ram for multi tasking tecno really tried here
    11 days ago
I really love this animation... It's funny and fun to watch... My favourite part was when d white dog had to act like a cat ...Also that rabbit was so funny....trying to be a super hero to a tiger .....the tiger was cute.......the rabbit was so all make this movie very interesting....
    11 days ago
I love the way the future was portrayed in the movie... Jack did a great job there.. Love can be so dramatic.
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