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    1 day ago
This movie is awesome . but the painful part was where the president wife died. That's one thing about Americans they save the President before anybody . the movie awesome. Especially the way the guy that saved the president used in killing everybody even if they where in the panic room . the movie is also talking about betrayal which means anybody can betray you like the way one of the secret service guy was part of those people that came to attack the White house but nobody knew until we saw it .the movie is just like white house down but there are some difference there so I recommend it for you
    1 day ago
Wow this phone is awesome. Other peoples finger print is at the back of their phone but this phone the finger print is at the front of the phone. You can snap a selfie by just touching the back of phone light and also opening your five fingers to the screen. It is 32gb. You can edit your video and picture with the phone .the phone is awesome I recommend it for you.
    1 day ago
Very good product I will buy it again and again. The only problem is that it hang sometime I will have to switch off but it's not frequent...
    1 day ago
The mixing of atarodo (chilly pepper and tomato jos makes up a good soup for the viewers to feed on.
The man knew he left behind a cracked family, though he lacked the courage to pull them together but he did a fantastic job with his codicil by putting all of them under one roof and some Rukes to follow which he knows it can't never be achieved
It is such a nice movie with Famzy. Lol
    3 days ago
It a really nice smartphone.
The camera is on point,the browsing so so fast,the battery is so strong and fast charging too.. It is really a must have to everyone
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