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    10 days ago
This movie made me so angry! D.C. Keeps rushing into things then it comes out as a flop. Aqua man couldn't stop water, they copied Spider man homecoming a lot, super man coming back was just a scam. I only found when super man n wonder fight cool, then when aquaman was telling d truth without knowing. Apart from that it's a no!
    12 days ago
Wawwww! Seen this movie once and am so desperate to go see over and over again. Am also recommending it to whoever haven't seen it. One of my best scene is where a contact lense was used to copy a do Cement.
    12 days ago
Just like all the magical tricks of bending water, air, fire and earth. Also love the great martial skills.
    12 days ago
A movie I don't want to ever delete from my PC. I just love the plot especially the unimaginable car stunts perform in the movies. I will always recommend it to those that haven't seen it yet
    12 days ago
This is one of the best Nigerian made action drama I have seen, with lots of hillarious scenes.


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