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    8 days ago
Wow, I love this movie.....this movie Bling Lagosians taught us how important it is to live within your means; What it’s like to have everything today and wake up with nothing tomorrow morning; How dangerous it is to ‘keep up appearances’; And lastly, to watch our circle of friends.Oh! Before I forget, there are end credit scenes too. Don’t leave the cinema until the last on.For me, the climax of the movie was the phone call between Iya Oloja and Akin Holloway.”If we crash, do we sink into the ground like water?” Iya Oloja asked him.Akin replied, “No! WE RISE! This movie is very interesting...... Just watch and thank me later
    9 days ago
Who will have guessed Sasha of games of throne can perfectly handle the role? Good movie but some scenes are incompatible, for instance if Jean can read mind, why didn't she know that Charles had many covered secrets about her? Anyways it a good movie.
    9 days ago
I must confess this is a great movie, which you can't predict it ending from the beginning. The movie is laced with different new twist from Mysterio deceit to Tony stark staffs twist and Jameson of newspaper blaming spiderman for the attacks recorded by Beck and also relieving Spiderman real name.

Wow! This movie is great. If you love high tech, tech illusion and new story twist, then this is a great movie for you.
    10 days ago
Wow.. I like the story and plot. At first u wouldn't be able to figure out who Anna really is. She is smart and at the end she outsmarted them all
    12 days ago
This is just the best spiderman movie i have seen , I was just soo wowed from the beginning to the the end , he was also called black monkey in the movie, at first I also believed mysterio , the movie portrayed spiderman as one of the greatest superhero , my best word in the movie was peter Tinkle's, action scenes was amazing , it is a must watch movie for any spiderman fan and marvel fan .
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