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    2 hours ago
This game is so lit I stayed up late at night playing this game trying to finish the missions, I so love the game I played and played and I still play it when I'm free
    2 days ago
I would say the movie is a great movie and also very fun to watch.
I couldn't help but laugh with the Christian chicken lol ( a restaurant that sells chickens that are christisns. bless the Lord aleluya)
There are so many lessons to learn from the movie.
1) teddy was a talented sales guy. but because he couldn't cope with education he gave up and thought life would be great. The truth is no matter how talented you are. How smart you are Education is a necessary tools to boost your talent. Education is just there to aid you. Its an important aspect of your talent and you must get it.
It makes people even appreciate your talent the most.
2, Teachers shouldn't just get into the class and start teaching, they have got to know their students. Each student is unique with their own unique abilities and strength and problems find out their problems and device a strategy or a way to meet the need of that specific child. Carrie(the night school instructor ) was a great teacher, she found teddy weakness and discover a strategy(lol being beaten by a woman in the boxing ring is one way a strategy) and it worked. She made teddy believe in himself this is what we need in our educational system.
3, never cheat and always be honest. Cheating is never a way to success . It will take you very high and let you fall and crash quickly that your bones will not be picked up(lol Rob riggle(can't remember his character name) technically could relate with a broken hand)
Be yourself. Believe in yourself even if you fail try again. One day u might just meet your breakthrough. Certainly teddy did.
4, family need to support their disable children, help them in every way you can.
5. Be true to your love one's if they truly love you. They will always stay and accept you the way you are. Lisa would do that for teddy.

Fun part that you shouldn't miss
1, when teddy met one his class mate students(Al Madrigal the Mexican that wants to be like justein beiber was working in a restaurant before teddy got him fired by being mischievous) it wasn't a pleasant experience he didn't have cash but was willing to pay lisa bills even when she wants to pay. He ended putting his pubic hair in the food and blamed Al madrigal (how did he know that the hair is a black man's pubic hair)

3, when Kevin met Carie at the traffic oooo those were crazy exchange of words.
4, you don't want to miss here when they went to steel their test question.

Lol if I were you better go and get the movie.

This movie was meant to also be for a kids but there were some nude scene and obscene languages used. Which makes it not healthy for kids viewing hence it lost it's most basic essence.
    4 days ago
For the first time a Samsung phone offers the Go Edition of Android OS and that was ushered in by the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core. In line with every other entry level smartphones, the features offered are basic.
Suitable for beginner users, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is optimised to make its performance smoother and faster.
    4 days ago
Nice for day to day use (multi-tab browsing, light apps, watching videos) but falls short in terms of gaming.
The screen, being TNT, is sadly not very good. Very narrow viewing angle before colors start getting distorted. Even looking head on at it the colors are dim in the bottom right corner.
    4 days ago
Mortensen and Ali both give fabulous performances in this feel-good road-trip drama that's part buddy comedy, part history lesson, and part social commentary on friendship and race.
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