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    3 days ago
This phone Infinix Hot 5 is a very good when it comes to the camera's and has a nice battery Amperes but talking about storage you can be disappointed at time.
So when going for this particular phone make sure you get the one of 2gig RAM or more because I didn't really enjoyed the 1gig RAM. Thank you
    4 days ago
I really loved this movie. Dwayne Johnson was really cool in the movie. Not totally the cool guy as in other movies but a bit of an underdog.
Watch it because its really funny, down to earth and educative as welk
    5 days ago
Really good hardware in terms of design and really large ram and internal storage for its price
    5 days ago
Its a good phone and at an affordable price, the only problem I have with it is dat I wished the RAM was higher.
    5 days ago
This film's dope, especially that thanos guy, I fell he can wipe out the whole marvel superheroes.
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