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    10 days ago
Loved..loved the movie. Its action and comedy all wrapped up in one entertaining package... Tom hardy was amazing in this movie... And venom himself, it was cute when he started becoming attached to his human side.. Watched it twice, still going back for a third time...
    12 days ago
This movie is a true life comic film that shows the true and so deceiving style of living of majority of lagosian. This movie reveals the way some landlords behavior, some girls display highest fake life but they are living in the ghetto.this movie is real an eye site
    13 days ago
"vioolent is the same story but different name." i like the part, an interesting movie about killing of black people by white police men. its good. watch it, nice script
    13 days ago
The Nutcracker And The Four Realms, its actually good, but not great. its about a magical real 4 of them, one very bad. i think the movie has a good customs, props but thescript play is not so good. dint enjoy it.
    13 days ago
i dont lke he movie, especially when tey are in the car afer coming from jail. dont waste your money. its poor, performace, bad scripting.
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