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    5 days ago
The Bluetooth connects fast with a sexy ladies voice though loud but gets drain over time. One more thing is about the range, it doesn't get too far before the Bluetooth disconnects from the source. Very cool especially after charging and hanging out with the boys
    8 days ago
The movie greatly depict the trivals of wives in the hand of their mother's in law.

These mother in laws should chill at times joor.
    10 days ago
Odunade Adekola is at it again.. I love this movie because of its concept of drama and comedy. A sure lesson for everyone, a big boost of encouragement to us all who are still struggling to achieve our dreams and calms your nerves as well with laughter. Good job!
    10 days ago
This is surely a block buster. The movie is focused on the aspect of determination and achieving your goal even when all odds are against you. Brilliant cast too.
Good to see Segun Arinze again!
    10 days ago
This movie is a very good interpretation of what we women face in the home front especially with mother in-laws.. You can imagine the emotional trauma a wife passes through because of a problem that might not even be caused by her. Beautiful piece of drama. I love it.
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