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    11 days ago
I thought I’d enjoy the film since I really enjoyed the book. But Fifty Shades Freed took it to a whole other level with sex. There was a sex scene every 10 Minutes of the film.
    11 days ago
Very scary and fun for a group of friends I saw this with a group of friends and we had fun . We all got scared at some parts,and screamed our lungs off .But , since we were all together it was fun and exciting .
    12 days ago
This is what is referred to as a smartphone. It is sleek, fast, pocket friendly, everything. It's a nice product
    12 days ago
The movie moved me the most thing I love on that movie was the song am only human the movie is very good to watch
    12 days ago
It's very important for youths to watch and learn about love and how to get their perfect partners in life


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