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    2 days ago
Well written and interpreted. Though its a friction but the lesson of bravery and determination cannot be overlooked. I love this movie especially when ever I want to rewind and get into my imagination.
    2 days ago
This is an amazing film to watch and it can benefit the society especially the mothers or I can say woman in general considering the role played by "Gabrielle" as a mother who will stop at nothing to protect her kids. Definetly worth seeing!!!
    2 days ago
Excellent workforce here, really emotional considering the level of abuse of young girl s in our society this days. I really felt sorry for Linda infact I go so emotional watching this movie. Thanks to the cast too. Great job! Good to see Victoria Iyama again.
    2 days ago
One major interest I have for this movie is the cast, all the actors interpreted their roles so well. It also portrays the picture of the ghetto life and a ghost life. I love this movie, its a job well done.
    3 days ago
I love this movie like Eba and Egusi. Very interesting, The stuff I love again is where captain America said LANGUAGE please, I laughed. I give it to marvel 100%.
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