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MyNaijaReviews Point System

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In order to have credible and authentic reviews, and also reward our users with points per activity we encourage our users to create an account with us.


You get points activities on MNR. Activities like signing up, uploading your picture, writing reviews about businesses, movies, and products e.t.c.

Earn rewards

You can redeem your earned points for cash rewards, discounts at select businesses, or free movie tickets

Most popular rewards

Points required Reward
2,500 400 Naira (Cash)
3,500 1,000 Naira (Cash)

How (Activities) to earn points

Activity Points Earned (Verified)
Create account (Sign up) up to 1,500
Weekly Challenge2,500 - 10,000
Monthly Active User Reward 100 - 10,000
Invite a friend 250 - 2,500
Trending Photo up to 1,000
Trending Question up to 1,000
Upload First Photo 100
Review Business - write personal comment / photo
- personal comment & photo

50 x 2
***Review Movie 100
  ASK MNR Correct Answer 90
****MNR Polls up to 200
***Review Product 60
*Interest / No Interest in a movie 30
Add a friend 20
**Like / Dislike a review 5
Limit: 20 reviews per week Limit: 5 reviews per day Limit: One review per movie Limit: First 20 friends
* Valid for movies added up to 2 weeks from the current date.
** Valid for reviews written up to 1 week from the current date
*** Valid for reviews added up to 1 year from the current date
**** Depreciates by 50% after first day and -10 for subsequent days (minimum point is 5).
Leave your feedback and get points! It’s that simple! Earn points by leaving feedback for local businesses and receive discounts at the following participating locations.

Review a movie


Does it cost anything to participate in the point system?
Absolutely not! The point system is a free system that users accumulate as they rate local businesses. In fact, the point system helps you save money at various businesses! This system is here to serve you, our loyal customers!
Is there a limit to how many points i can earn?
There is no limit to how many points you get. Earn as many points as you’d like and redeem them
Will my points expire?
Your points do not expire
How do I redeem my points?
Once you have selected a business which you would like to go to redeem your points, a coupon would be generated with which you can present to the business for validation.
Can I cancel a redemption order?
Yes. Until you submit the coupon to the selected business, you can cancel the coupon and choose another business.
Will I be able to review and manage my points?
Yes. Users have complete control over how their points is been managed, view what activities and what points they earned and also what businesses they have redeem points with.