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    10 days ago
It's a good movie that had the potential to be great. Too much talk, less fight for a 3hr movie. They could have done alot more in terms of action, but the action was definitely worth it. Thanos even without the gauntlet was badass and i respect him even more
    12 days ago
The product is really good, gas nice camera for those that love selfies, long internal memory but the only little fault it's the battery capacity not quite awesome
    12 days ago
Another chapter / part of John wick ...this movie is always a good one filled with action and suspense- threat but it's so interesting
    12 days ago
This movie I give it a 70 marks. Highly interesting. Someone crashing down from another planet we often say they end up being heros but this was different. I really love this movie
    12 days ago
This phone is very small but mighty. It is very clear while making calls, it is very strong as long as it's a tecno product. To crown it all, the ba3 can last for up to seven (7) days!
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