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    4 days ago
Wow a nice move....see how the dog care for the team ..I wish I can get a dog like this
    4 days ago
I watched this movie yesterday and i loved it. The girl going on an adventure together save the whole planet from some people who took her father when she was younge. It was actually her father that built the weapon and he also builed something in a hiden place to destroy the weapon because he had no choice. But i don't like the girl later die in the end of the film with the that accompany her and also the robot
    4 days ago
Apart from I'm a fan of Tom cruise. I love this movie and the graphics looks good. My best part <br>i love in the movie is when The Mummy was talking to Tom Cruise with her mind and trying to possess him when they injected mercury to her body. And at the end of everything, Tom Cruise later have the power and killed The Mummy and went away.
    4 days ago
Oh goodness. I still await the second part of this film. It is very interesting
    4 days ago
When i first saw this, i thought maybe it is the Fast and Furious 9 But unfortunately, Vin Diesel is not happy about it. But the film is good and i love the part Dwayne Johnson went back home and he and his family came back together again. They did a good team work there.
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