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I know that there are many data company out there but Temmason beat them all. They are cheap, fast and reliable.<br>I thought they are scam untill I tried them and they surprise me.<br>So I recommend them to anybody and everybody.<br>Temmason Virtual Top Up Services, they are good.

Hearing that a reliable traveling agency is in Akure is a big relief to me. This will solve most of my traveling issues. I will love to link up with the business

I am not a fan of the bank. It is an old generation bank, so they have services like the western union, which I use mainly for. Apart from that, its just there for me. Their customer care service isn't that great.

I just discovered that they very good about the event planning, and they also cook delicious foods in their restaurant if you like eating good food, I recommend that you should patronize them.

Get any of this great company's product, I'm sure you're going to like it just like I like it too, and their products is very affordable

The deliver my order to my doorstep. The are having quality products. Shop with them and you won't regret

This is a nice product from Samsung, wonderful shape, wonderful camera. And massive memory I really enjoyed using this phone.

Very great graphics but would love a long lasting battery

The phone is very good. But techno need to increase the battery capacity of their products. And also the camera is not that good. Though the phone is good for it's price.

Mortal Kombat is a game i have been play since I was a small.... I so much love the game.. my favorite fighter is nightwolf..... I love how he shoot is arrows.. I can remember down back box..... And and another one is forward forward O, to run and hit..... Mortal Kombat is a game I will keep play in this life.... Nice features and the added more players like God of war "kratos"

iPhone 8 plus; is a phone with unique features....the high camera quality, which is wow, 3gb ram which can run multiple apps without it hooking... And one thing I like about iPhones in general is that they have strong security system.... iPhones can't be hacked easily.... Is the best quality phone everyone want to use today....

Lenovo A5

  10 days ago

Highly sensitive screen touch, long lasting battery for travellers. Enough ROM and high speed ram

Aang was a boy who acted the part of the avatar, I love all the blenders, water, air, earth and infact fire blending. He learned all of this so as to defeats his enemies. I recommend this movies to all.

It is an interesting and educating movie,the quality is 100%. I felt Nnamdi should have at least calm down with his quest and hurry to make money,it was the fact that he was calm enough that was why he was able to fall into the hands of the ritualist and thank God for bringing his girlfriend into his life. It is such an amazing movie

Special Jollof

  6 days ago

Nice movie which has a lot of moral lessons like; "nothing can be hidden for ever" and it's a very interesting one which needs to be rated well

My Spy

  6 days ago

I was never a fan of any SPY movie, until I watch this movie few days back, since then I long to watch any movie related to SPY.&lt;br/&gt;Great movie, Batista really put his best in this movie. a must watch for

Frozen 2

  6 days ago

Love 💖💖 the songs, the adventure, the characters 💕. Really excited that Elsa finally became the fifth spirit.

I really appreciate the writer of this movie, though I was scared that he (actor) was going to die but he finally made it through the prayer of his friend who swore never to partake in any violence.