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    12 hours ago
The movie was stunning..... You never could tell who the invisible man is between himself and his brother...Even after she killed her ex-husband younger brother but till had that believe it was her husband doing and not his younger brother... But she later kill her husband to settle the score
    13 hours ago
One of my best movies! It just has it all. Comedy mixed with action and adventure. It's just something you have to keep rewatching a lot...
    17 hours ago
What could be more interesting and horrifying than having the younger version of yourself come after you to kill you! It was a real action packed movie but I think they were a bit short in the make real scenes, because sometimes they looked like they were robots fighting, you just knew that it was fake and that was the only down side for me in this movie. Other than that, it was really a good movie
    17 hours ago
When you talk of action, comedy, suspense, thrill, this movie has got it all. Just like the previous versions it was really interesting to watch. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. The real twist in the movie was when Mike found out that he had a child and the child almost killed him. That was not easy to digest. I love every part of this movie. It was really worth it.
    17 hours ago
To be frank, I kind of didn't really enjoy this movie, I was just expecting more. And u could even place my finger on the fact if the movie was a science fiction or something else. Though I never thought the real culprit with be that girl. To be frank the movie was confusing especially when that guys brother was brought back to life even after he was confirmed dead. I just don't get it. Or maybe it was just me. Well it was still a cool movie though
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