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    3 days ago
I enjoyed the movie, the storyline was abit different from the part1 which was okay by me. I felt the action more at the end.
    4 days ago
The movie was good. Seemed a bit rushed, I love the main character so I am hopeful that there is a sequel and it can dig deeper maybe go to New York and battle Spiderman - although venom seems to be a hero here so am not sure how that will work out. But overall it was not a bad movie
    5 days ago
The movie was awesome in fact a 10/10. Actually when I saw the thriller I thought oh isn't it the same bad guy that wanted to kill Peter Parker in the spiderman movie,but boom it was one of the best
    5 days ago
Mnr is d best social site. Many avenues for fun like questions and answers, reviews , polls etc. I love mnr. However they should give more points for activities to encourage people use it as income source
    5 days ago
Access bank is a good bank but their services has declined and they doo deduct money unnecessaryly from customers. Its quite expensive to bank with them. I think they should improve.
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