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 Acer Acer Mini Laptop

Overall it is a good laptop especially the battery. What I don't like about the laptop is not having disc. It is very easy to carry about.
Angela Aigbovbiosa  8/5/2015
I love my mini acer its jux what I.need the only thing missing is a cd rom apart from that I love it ...I have had mine for 1yr plus nw good infact perfect battery life just d cd rom absent is disappointing ...I love my mini acer
Chukwunonso Udeh  2/27/2015
The Laptop isn't worth the price atall. I see it as a typewriter only. No CD rom. You have to go through stress to put in applications. I don't like the laptop. It doesn't even last. It spoils easily.
Toluwani Osinyemi  3/1/2016
Funny enough. Wen my friend first bought this system I asked her why she would go for a mini system. That week my system developed a problem. Nd had to use her own.. then I was surprised. With d strong battery life. How u can switch between economy and standard. Nd how fast it is. When I finally fixed minem I had to beg her to exchange her system for mine
Chukwunonso Udeh  3/21/2015
The Screen is too small for my liking. No CD ROM. You will have to go through long processes to put in an app. The keyboard isn't fun to type with. The sound isn't loud enough for me.
David N Ugwuegbu  2/6/2015
Omoluabi Jonathan  2/21/2016
I used an acer mini system best I ever used from small systems I recommend it battery good , ram and processors adequate for tidious tasks browse the specifications and see for your self.
Adetutu Oluwasegun Adeyanju  3/15/2015
what I like most about this laptop is it portability, it can be easily carry anywhere. but don't like the fact that it has no Bluetooth and CD rom
Joshua Chibueze Ugwuegbu  1/31/2015
On a seriouse note to me, I don't like this mini laptop, firstly is too small, secondly it does not have a c d rom. and it can spoil quickly, i have seen people repairing there mini laptop regularly than larger ones
David Oreofe  9/8/2015
See enh,i once used this lappy back then in school,atleast its portable but never liked the fact that i was using an external bluetooth for it.Good battery sha!
Temitope Samuel  3/4/2015
As for me, am not a fan of ANY mini laptop (netbook), they are a cute little bundle of trouble. They freeze, lag. You can't do any serious work on them. The RAM is usaually very small and makes you perform at a snail pace. The bad thing is, when the mini starts getting old, ewo! Na to throw way am or change the RAM.
oluwaseyi samuel  1/20/2015
This mini laptop is small but mighty in efficiency and its battery life is pretty goes but would start malfunctioning when you charge and work on it. The only down side is most models don't come with CD rom.