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13 hours ago
Six Features to Consider Before Buying Laptops
In case you don't know much about laptop computers and you want to acquire one, this piece might be very useful in guiding you from costly mistakes.

13 hours ago
Fed govt may adopt selective minimum wage increase – Osinbajo
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the Federal Government may consider increasing workers’ remuneration package, especially bonuses of certain government agencies, instead of increasing wages across board.

Recent Reviews

    6 days ago
I got to know red star for their excellent delivery of transcript of one my friend brother to Canada within little days, I was so amazed to see this, I rate them as number one delivery service provider in Nigeria today.
    6 days ago
Total Nigeria are well known all over the country, due to this my papa like buy their products be petrol or engine oil, just that their liter complete and they don't sell adulterated fuel to maintain their prestigious name,
    6 days ago
I could remember during my university days when its time for exam nestle nescafe was my best option then to avoid sleeping when am studying for exam, try it really works .
    6 days ago
I always settled for their multer Guinness, for the taste of moderate sugar and the flavour, I rate it number one among malt classes,
    7 days ago
Though I don't buy their papers magazine but online news on entertainment on both movies and music productions have already what they have for us today, they re number one with accurate and real news from the right source, I recommend them.

Featured Businesses

100% | 18 reviews
IT Training, Graphics Design and Printing
100% | 18 reviews
We offer Training on GPS, GIS,Remote sensing, Company Operations Optimization skills. You can order for Satellite Images and Digital Maps etc
100% | 14 reviews
FBD clothing is a 'made to measure' bespoke brand which creates beautiful pieces of classic,business,casuals,traditionals,combined with modern and fut ...
100% | 14 reviews
Consulting, General Merchant
93% | 15 reviews
Hairdressing for female. Short hair,invisible parting

Trending Businesses

100% | 1 reviews
Cyber Café and Business Center
100% | 6 reviews
Internet and Computer services
100% | 14 reviews
100% | 7 reviews
0% | 0 reviews

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