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    3 days ago
I just loved Kevin harts hilarious parts, the manning up to Dwayne, the busting after eating cake. The adventure was top notch. Then I love the actions with guns, bikes, copters, and the animals.
    3 days ago
The death in the movie grieved me especially Thomas's younger brother the the girl he loves. I love the story line and how Thomas ended up as the cure. The security system of the last city is like a dream come true to me, good technology, even beyond the walls, I saw junked cars and trucks which gave it a real feal. But no enough zombie action, it was only the tunnel and that's all.
    5 days ago
This is a great and exciting movie, the theme was like an 007 movie,a car that can be underwater etc. I love the way they hide their base the American one was in a wine factory where no one expected funny.
    5 days ago
This movie didn't meet up to my expectations every is just confusing, the fact that they have flaying cars and can transfer brains doesn't make it good,what is with the man that got killed at the beginning and burying his dead wife under a tree.
    6 days ago
This movie is so good that it got me watching it not even twice but many times, the sister of Thor is a force to reckon with she's so strong that Thor or even hades whom they envoke because of her could only manage her for some time, am sure she will soon be free, love where she broke Thor hammer with her hands, a hammer which people can't left she broke it with just hand and this made Thor to embrace his true nature as God of thunder not hammer
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